The works

The artworks shown below represent most of what I created up to now. Each one is an unique piece and somehow irripetible as arising from raw material different to shape nature and provenance. The height of artworks ranges from just over a dozen centimeters to slightly more than a meter.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. The dimentions (HxLxD) appearing in enlarged pictures are all expressed in centimeters

Victory Victory
Water, earth and air Water, earth and air
Shapes in the space Shapes in the space
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
The life The life
The slim The slim
Intrigue (the crusader) Intrigue (the crusader)
The ancient Egiptian company The ancient Egiptian company
The ancient Persian The ancient Persian
The condor The condor
Icon Icon
Shapes with elephant Shapes with elephant
Faces with phallus Faces with phallus
Fossil Fossil
The cat and the wolf The cat and the wolf
Lady's heart Lady's heart
Double face Double face
Epidermis Epidermis
Little ghosts Little ghosts
Temptations Temptations
Indifference Indifference
Cumulus Cumulus
Moving shapes Moving shapes
Immersion Immersion
To the origins To the origins
Embrace Embrace
Waking up Waking up
Totem Totem
Olfactory sensation Olfactory sensation
Pelecanus Pelecanus
Finally free Finally free
Relax Relax
Little sister Little sister
Mutation Mutation
Tangle Tangle
Snake Snake
Friar and lady Friar and lady
Begging Begging
Mutation 2 Mutation 2
Metaphysics Metaphysics
Brain Brain
Pat Pat
Fishes Fishes
Elephas Elephas
Raptor Raptor
Swan Swan
Freeing Freeing
Totem 2 Totem 2
Flower Flower
Foldings Foldings
Break Break
Waiter Waiter
Pelecanus 2 Pelecanus 2
Tribut to Galileo Tribut to Galileo
Break Dancer
Missing Bust
Extrusion Extrusion
Intrusion Intrusion
Biosphere Biosphere
Intrusion 2
Towards blue planet Towards blue planet
Sneer Sneer
Mutation3 Mutation 3
snake 2 Snake 2
Adhesions Adhesions
Zoo Zoo
Adhesions 2 Adhesions 2
Missing Missing
Missing Missing
Missing Missing