About me

Tommaso FerriThe story of my artistic evolution is common to many other addicts to fine arts. In fact, my skill in creating works of art is not the result of a learning school, but was already present in myself (I would say innate) that needed a random event so that I could gain consciousness.

Like many other people, for a long time I have been looking for a hobby to have something pleasant to do. Not a hobby as the collection of unusual and/or unnecessary objects, but a "creative” hobby. This sort of research has been constantly present in my mind, just a strong a requirement.

My brother Alfredo is painter for hobby for several decades, and I always participated (sometimes with affectionate envy) to his artistic growth. Painting was what I considered a tipical “creative” hobby. This hobby, however, was not in my possibilities: long time ago, as I tried to paint on a canvas, the poor results obtained induced me to desist.

Panta rei, 2002
Olive tree, cm 38x15x12

Many years passed before something significant happened. Once, while spending the summer vacation near Fiuggi (FR) I came in contact with Vincenzo, an expert wood carver, and I was fascinated by his work. This induced me to accept the challenge of creating from wood. A few days later, during one of my usual walking around the town, I found a small root (I do not remember of which specific kind of tree) on the ground, with a stone blocked into its interior. I thought: "May be I can create an art piece from this wood." The result obtained from that first work (not excellent, indeed) is currently shown in the living room of a friend of mine.

Thanks to the help provided by some of my friends(who homaged me of raw material, i.e. olive roots, otherwise destined to increase the temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide on the Earth), over the following years I was able to devote myself to this pleasant activity, with diligence. In these last years I have worked to a number of sculptures more and more complex and technically sophisticated, which have met growing interest. This has given me increasing impetus to persevere, beyond the inherent pleasure I always feel when removing, step-by-step, the woody material in search of new forms. Forms that, at th end, become visible to anyone and interpreted by each one depending on his own sensitivity.